Forensic Services

Forensic Services

DMG’s Forensic Services Division assists with the Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency theft, fraud and money laundering, ensures regulatory compliance and offers auditing assurance.

Our clients include Financial Institutions, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Auditing Firms and Government.

Walletscore Risk-Flow Graph

Product Overview


Examine cryptocurrency flows through wallets, receive transaction
alerts, clusterview graphs and perform Enhanced Due Diligence

*Know your Client
*Know your Transaction


Meet AML compliance obligations with DMG’s Risk
API for Crypto Exchanges and payment platforms.

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Blockchain Auditing Support

Advising and assisting Auditing firms by providing assurance surrounding
their audits of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency organisations

Forensic Investigations
and Fraud Risk Management

Carrying out investigations, taking criminal and civil remedies,
performing due diligence, asset recovery and plugging the holes
with a prevention strategy