Products & Services


  • Mining as a Service

    Mining as a Service - MaaS - Management of Bitcoin mining on behalf of third parties globally. MaaS enables anyone, anywhere the ability to mine crypto.

  • Blockchain Based Supply Chain Platform

    DMG is working with an existing Licensed Producer to develop a platform ensuring complete provenance of controlled products through the entire supply chain.

  • Forensics & Blockchain Analytics

    Our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) use proprietary software tools, to perform investigations, and KYC and AML requirements, relating to both bitcoin and ethereum transactions.

  • Corporate Mining

    DMG's blended model of MaaS, and DMG owned mining, allows DMG to benefit from the appreciation of BTC, while also ensuring known monthly hosting revenues.

  • Predictive Analytics

    DMG is working with the auto leasing industry, and using a combination of Blockchain and AI technology enables predictive analytics, increasing the life cycle of vehicles.

  • Consulting

    DMG draws on its extensive knowledge and experience to help clients better understand how best to implement blockchain technologies into their businesses.

We manage Bitcoin mining on behalf of third parties globally