AML Risk Report

AML Risk Report for Crypto Exchanges and Payment Platforms

Walletscore measures a wallet’s propensity to engage in criminal or suspicious activity. Naturally, transacting with a criminal is tantamount either to funding crime or laundering its proceeds, so it is in our collective interest to identify—and then monitor or quarantine—any wallet with criminal association.

Walletscore Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Walletscore is a tool, accessible through either the website or API, that measures a wallet’s history of enabling criminal or suspicious activity.

Our analysts use a variety of methods for collecting labels, among them:

  • creating accounts at crypto sites (e.g., exchanges and gambling sites), arranging transactions between them, and recording the deposit and withdrawal addresses

  • perusing Bitcoin forums

  • collaborating with investigators and trusted partners

  • conducting manual research on the dark web

  • launching web crawlers to gather labels from sites with structured address labels

  • taking note of heists and notable events posted on news sites and social media

  • launching campaigns for globally distributed workforces to post labeled address screenshots, which are then confirmed/rewarded with small deposits

First we categorize many of the known wallet owners from our growing database, and assign them an “intrinsic” risk score (0 = safe, 1= risky).

Next, after forming a relational graph of the wallet’s transactors, its transactors’ transactors, and so on, we apply a network flow formula to propagate the risk from those with intrinsic risk to our given wallet.

Finally, we rate those with a score of zero as Negligible Risk, and those with nonzero score as either Some Risk, High Risk, or Highest Risk.

99.9% of all wallets are within three transactional hops of a wallet we can say something definitive about.

Roughly, it represents the fraction of funds either sent to or received from an wallet known to be a source of criminal or suspicious activity.

Feel free to reach out to our Sales team with your evaluation set of (up to 20) Bitcoin addresses, and we’ll send you a report with Walletscore full results.

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  • Risk Rating and Category of all risk sources
  • Wallet Profile
  • Limited UI address queries
  • Supports BTC, multicoin support coming soon!


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  • API for integrations and downstream use
  • Identity of all risk sources
  • Unlimited UI address queries