DMG Blockchain Solutions

Creating the most trust-worthy eco-system for the Blockchain community.

Blockseer develops and licenses proprietary blockchain and cryptocurrency software. Its crypto-centric platforms and forensic services drive crypto adoption by focusing on regulatory & compliance issues and crypto safety & security.

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Regulatory & Compliance

Terra Pool

Blockseer’s Mining Pool is the North American-based audited mining pool, providing real-time AML and bringing in a new standard in mining compliance and governance.


Walletscore is a leading blockchain audit and analytics platform that measures the propensity of a crypto wallet to engage in criminal activity, generating AML risk reports for crypto users and platforms. The system will identify transactions related to unusual activities such as funding crimes or money laundering, conducting three processes: clustering, address labeling, and assigning risk scores.

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Mine Manager

Mine Manager is optimization software for mining facilities to improve performance, offering automated management of crypto mining data centers and remote container deployments. The purpose of the software is to enable large-scale mining operations to automate much of the maintenance of their mining hardware, creating efficiencies of scale and reducing staffing requirements.

Safety & Security

Blockseer Intelligence

Blockseer is an analytics tool that enables the tracking of cryptocurrency on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. It examines cryptocurrency flows through wallets and perform the following functions:

    • Creating private labels and graphs.
    • Receiving alerts on suspicious transactions.
    • Accessing a more extensive list of labels and clusters and additional analytics tools.
    • Importing and exporting analytics data such as addresses, transactions, and labels.

Blockseer Exchange

DMG is offering Terra Pool members access through its portal, to the Bosonic Network with Prime Trust as the custodian. Clients are onboarded to Prime Trust, which performs know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks.

    • Cross-custodian trading and settlement of transactions from users’ own custodial accounts
    • Greater security of users’ bitcoin as they never touch a traditional ‘exchange wallet’
    • Ability to set limit orders for buy and sell transactions
    • Real-time monitoring of the bid-ask spread from a tradable aggregation of top exchange and market maker streaming liquidity instead of intermediaries quoting and re-quoting pricing
    • Instantaneous settlement for each buy/sell transaction and extremely fast transfer of BTC/fiat
    • Self-service exchange delivering reduced fees versus traditional OTC desks

Blockseer Breeze

Blockseer Breeze* equips financial institutions with an enterprise-grade custody solution to securely manage digital assets. Now, you can keep digital assets safe, grow your business, and be among the few to meet the rapidly increasing demand for digital asset custody.

*under development

Blockseer Freeze

Blockseer Freeze* is a software product that watches BTC wallets and provides early notification of transactions on the blockchain network before they’re locked in as well as a mechanism to attempt to stop those transactions.

*under development



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